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Text for Page 215 [03-11-1856]

pression that Alf was in England. /   He looks very
hearty, and sailorish.            Back to room and
writing.     Bellew looked into the basement in the
evening, as did Wurzbach, who subsequently came up
into my room.          Wrote a letter to Dillon.
  {From the 12th Wednesday to       Writing, though
  the 16th Saturday, inclusive.}       not as readily or as
well as heretofore.     Yet queer in health & ill at ease
in mind.    Wrote to Barth, among other matters.
The good natured Irishman, Kelly, came one afternoon &
we walked down Broadway together.   Out once each
day for health sake, generally down town.   Writing each
night, till latish. I always seem better able to do work
then, and less nervous. The day sometimes seems cruel.
Each one is very like the other.      Haney and Sol go out
each evening. I am all alone.             Bellew up once.
  17.  Sunday.  A bit of a walk.  Banks up in the
afternoon, and half a nuisance, as usual.        To the
Waverly in the evening & had a long, pleasant talk
with Parton & his wife.     We spoke of things worth
putting down, but I should do it but lamely, did I 
make the attempt now.
  18.  Monday.  To Post office early, for a walk,
and then writing all day till 12 1/2.  Nervous &
irritable, unable to master it.
  19.  Tuesday.  Up the fifth Avenue, down to the
Tribune Office, then to drawing.  I�m wretched spirits               
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