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Text for Page 216 [03-19-1856]

and only commenced in the afternoon, unable till then
to invent some comic notion for subject.     Did it by
the evening.
  {20.  Wednesday, to       Getting betterish, and
  23.  Saturday (inclusive.)}       writing briskly, with some
drawing for the Picayune � or rather Nic nax.    A
letter from my dear Mother, containing one I had posted
for Many Ann, twelve months ago, which has been re-
turned to them.   Some incidental readings, and
generally a walk each day, one to Hoboken, in the
deep snow. (I was signally wretched that morning but
found my mother�s letter on return.)   Generally writing
at nights till latish.     Sol with a sort throat below,
which combined with a bust at the Ornitherycus, tem-
porarily has floored him.     Haney sallowish and busy,
Levison as wont, alternately endurably, fawning,
plausible, decently behaved � what you will.
  24. Sunday.  The cheeriest and pleasantest of
spring mornings.   Over to Brooklyn, there, after
a brisk walk, to Davis�s lodgings.     Sat half an
hour talking with his wife and mother in law, but
he not appearing, returned to New York and dinner.
He visited me at evening.     To Partons for twenty
minutes, and then to the Edwards�.          How es-
pecially down upon �Fanny Fern� all the women ap-
pear to be.   There�s an amount of respectable rancour
manifested, though in the gentlest and most incidental               
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