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Text for Page 217 [03-24-1856]

manner by Mrs E, (Parton�s aunt) on
the subject of the marriage, which is quite edifying.
As for Mrs Levison, she can�t keep her tongue from
open abuse when �Fanny� is mentioned.
  25.  Monday.   A morning�s bit of a rush
up Broadway, and dropped in at the Waverly
with a book for Parton.     Then to room & writing
all the variable day.    Sunshine, cloud, drizzle, rain,
sleet and snow.
  26.  Tuesday.   Wrote to Mr Greatbatch, and
thundering long letter to Alf Waud.     Down town to
post-office in afternoon.     Found W. Waud had
returned, and with him, Haney and Sol up.
Bleecker wards by 5 1/2, dropping in at Haney�s new
chamber � (the one formerly occupied by Bellew, op-
posite the Saint Nicholous,) and at the Ornithoryncus,
where we found Wurzbach eating sour kraut, and pre-
sently saw O�Brien.                   I to writing & drawing
in evening.       A letter from Dillon.   He and Hart
have become partners in a lithographic establishment, in
  27.  Wednesday.  A brief rapid series of walks
about Washington square, well, hopeful and
happy, and profoundly grateful to God for it.   Return
to work, with pen or pencil.    Evening to Parton�s,
and there till 10 1/2.           Fanny certainly talks with
greater freedom than I have ever heard before               
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