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Text for Page 218 [03-27-1856]

from the lips of a woman.   She not only puts �Jim�
in the ledger from week to week, as �Mr Pax� but
tells one all sorts of things about him, quizzing and
fudging most enormously.     She has got him (in, in
common with a batch of others) in last week�s paper
by name, with his height &c. )  Also she told perso-
nally of her dressing up in his clothes yester evening,
and how she looked, (rather minutely,) and how �they
wished I had come in.�          She put on my hat too,
and talked of the privilege accorded by it.           It�s
all very innocent perhaps and a stranger oughtn�t to object
but I wonder Parton likes it.    Does he?
  Our book is being printed and we�re to get proofs
day by day.     I have the first batch now.
  28.  Thursday.   In doors writing hard all
day.  Proofs, and finished the 25th Chapter of
Physiology.     Letter from Greatbatch, and from Barth.
The parents of the latter have gone, formally, over to
the Spiritual knocking knaveries.  Just as I expected.
Bah!           As I write now, �tis at sunset, and has
been a raw, moist, brooding, dull day, somewhat
clearing up towards its close.   The city, from my garret
window looks sombre-colored, and in the west the
sun goes down in sickly yellow, a strait em-
bankment of gray, blue clouds engirdling the horizon.
Aloft the sky is of a faint, calm, inane purple.
The breeze is fresh and kind on my forehead, and seems               
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