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Text for Page 219 [03-28-1856]

to breathe pityingly and hopefully upon me.     Dear
Lord Christ, let my loneliness end in happy love and
possession of that kind English girl, who thinks of me
perhaps even now.      �Tis too dark to write further.
  29, 29, and 31.  Friday, Saturday and
Sunday.       Forgotten.
  From the First to the Eleventh.     I have
let Time�s sounds rush past unaccounted, and must
lump my recollections of the dull or bright grains
therein.     Another relapse into despondency and unfitness,
out of which I have now emerged.     Hard at pen-work,
and some pencil.  Did the tale of drawings for Levi-
son and Haney�s forthcoming �Nic-nax�, and got
some money of the former.    Haney has been sick,
looking as yellow as mary-gold leaves, and lay up for
an evening or so, in his chamber, whither I went to
see him, generally finding Sol & W Waud there.
They consort much together, as heretofore.   W is pretty
coolishly-civil to me, but Sol�s demeanour is changed
since the return.     He has tried the half jesting half-
spiteful slang-whonging continually at me, and I detect
three or four phrases at W W�s coming � as written to
Alf about me.   Wherefore I think Sol�s something of a               
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