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Text for Page 221 [04-11-1856]

a page or two would be well bestowed upon had I the
time to write �em.    He and little cockney cub Watson
spent some two months or so, sleeping in timber yards,
desperately hard up, and Watson almost despairing.
Little Edge told me lots of stories anent it, how they
fished, caught an eel, and bartered it at cook-shop for
grub, how he pawned his coat, how they held arguments
on all sorts of things, with much more.   He�s the slim-
mest, frailest, weakest little spectacled creature you ever
saw.     He lives with a French modiste a la Paris.
I drop in at the Waverly as wont, and am fast
friends with Fanny Fern�s two daughters.  They
have unlimited China dolls, furniture &c.    We talk
and cut jokes.     Col Forbes gave me a call once.
Banks don�t come of course.    Wurzbach�s been up once
or twice.
  12. Saturday.  Letters from Waud, Damoreau,
and Barth.   The former containing a commission.
which after going down town I set about.   Calling at
one Johnstone�s, a tailor, in West Broadway for the ad-
dress of Mrs Jewell, I then went to her residence, Merton
Street, � not ten minutes walk from my present one.
Going up stairs I encountered two young ladies, the one
a dark, and the other a bright (ahem!) haired one,
and could percieve a little flutter of surprise on my appearance.
  (As it subsequently appeared they took me for Alf�s
brother.)   I asked to see their mother, and after cal-               
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