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Text for Page 136 [07-04-1850]

              most absurdly padded, and here and there a perfect outr� figure.   The 
pleasantest association in my mind was awakened by the few �Continen
tals,� men dressed in the old �76 costume.    A very long procession.
Strolled upwards, and getting severed from Messrs Johns & Hart,
Joe, I, and Mapother found ourselves in the Park.      Adjourn-
ment to Sherwoods, and cobblers.	Duane Street and dinner.
Dozed during the afternoon.     Evening, with Hart, Johns, Mapother,
and a Mr Boyne, (Englishman with family, from Demerara,)   to
the Park, for the purpose of seeing the fireworks.   Dense crowd,
much concussion and cursing.   Got out of it, and had a cool though
not complete view.  Brilliant enough, but exceedingly brief.           A
ramble southwards, � on the Battery again, save Johns, whom we left
in the crowd.	 Rabineau�s bath, and fumigation.	Back, and to
perspiration and bed.
  5. Friday.  Drawing the Phillips & Sampsonian subject.      Out and
an half hours waiting at Badean�s, which being in vain wrote him a 
sharp letter and left.  To Wall Street, to the Post Office, where by
the list of advertised letters March the 26, I found one due to me, had
lain there its, time, been send on to Washington, and possibly torn up.
Was it one of Mary�s?)	To the Atlas Office, where I saw �the big dog
of Arkansas�. Then back.  A letter from Boutcher, he still at Folks
tone.       Drawing all the afternoon.   Evening, coat purchasing in
Chatham Street, in company with Royal.  He, poor man, somewhat
despondent, as he seeth no prospect of getting his wife and family out               
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