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Text for Page 222 [04-12-1856]

ling her, the girls retired into a back room, where they
doubtless applied their eyes or ears to the keyhole.  Mrs
J is a goodish-looking amiable sort of woman of over
forty.    After a bit of prelude touching my mission �
as inquiring whether she was not aware of her daughter
being with Alf, I read his letter to her, according
to instructions.   Here �tis, as I shall copy it under
the title of
     How Alf Waud came to break the Seventh
  �I write the following pages in order to give my
account, as fairly as I am able, of the reasons which
led to Mary�s flight and subsequent concealment.
I will premise with the declaration that I am not
a roue, and, I hope, not a villain, as some in New
York consider me.    Those who know me best can
testify that in relation to the other sex I have been
unusually pure and honest*.     Enough: in Decem-
ber 1854, whilst a boarder at 177 Canal Street,
Mary, accompanied by her husband became
a resident.   It was not till some time after her
first appearance that I noticed her; then I saw
on a casual observation only a well developed girl with
an expression of secret care and disappointment; and
  *  True.    Alf only made one slip, before this
business (as far as I know.)               
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