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Text for Page 007 [04-12-1856]

	                   April 1856.
  12  Saturday. (Continued.)      I had got
to within a dozen lines of the conclusion of Alf�s letter,
(Mrs J being considerably affected at certain parts of
it,) when the door of the inner room opened and the girls
demanded a word or two with their mother, at the same
time saying �If it�s about Mary we�ve as much
right to know as mother.� So at general request I
re-read the letter, one of the daughters sitting on a stool
beside me, and the other standing.      This time they
were all crying.       We then talked matters over, I
pressing the advisability of adopting the wisdom of
the homely proverb, and �making the best of a bad job.�
My mission was half accomplished, I saw, by the let-
ter, and the mother�s wish to know something of her
daughter�s position.      They were all at sea on that
question, inquiring at first whether she and her com-
panion were in England, and then whether they were
in New York.     I, as instructed didn�t state where,
but intimated Boston as the recent locality, leaving the
impression they had been chased from thence by old Jewell�s
spies.         They knew nothing of that, hence Alf must
have been mistaken as to their participation in it.
Menelaus is at sea, and has broken all connection 
with the family.  He has also had the malignity to
go to a dancing school frequented by these girls, to
spread the scandal of his own dishonor � for which               
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