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Text for Page 008 [04-12-1856]

act they�re a little down on him.  (Alf ought to be
obliged to him.)   Old Jewell they see but seldom.
After much talk it was settled that I should
call on Monday for a letter, and transmit it to 
Alf, thus opening direct communication betwixt him
and his quasi mother in law.
     From the Thirteenth, Sunday to the End
of the Month.     Must pass unrecorded in detail.
I called at Merton Street, and transmitted letter
and daguerreotype (of Mrs J, for her daughter) to Bos-
ton;  together with a letter for Alf.         And
now to jot down other matters.        I have come
to an open rupture with Sol Eytinge, which chanced
thus.  Bellew mounts to my chamber on Saturday
night and invites me to go round to the Ornithoryn-
cus, which I do.   Banks and Wurzbach
there, and anon W Waud and Eytinge.   We
drank and talked miscellaneously in the bar, a
word or two passing �twixt myself and Sol, after
the usual style.       For the last three weeks or so �
ever since the return of W. W. he has adopted an
invidious style of chaff, one part jest, three parts
spite, towards me.      I recognize the tone of W W
in it.   Now unless there�s an undercurrent of
goodwill, this diversion is always a dangerous one.
When I am sick in body and mind, Sol, and 
sometimes others come off, (by the aid of friendly
laughs on the art of their clique) comparatively trium-               
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