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Text for Page 138 [07-07-1850]

              bad blue-devilled me into temporary melancholy, to a great extent ere
I entred the building.  When the hymn was given out, a lady in the pew
behind put a hymn book into my hand.    She had a gentle face, and
a sweet voice,(for I heard her singing) � and God bless her for that
simple act of kindness to a Stranger, say I.             /               Walk
up Broadway to Canal, and back, by Hudson.
  8. Monday.  Drawing, in company with Mr Johns in Mr Hart�s room.
At night out for a walk up Hudson Street with Royal.  A call on an acquain-
tance of his.   Didn�t do much in the drawing way, to day, as Mr Boyne 
had presented Johns with all the back volumes of �Punch,� and I was forced to
re-read the Physiology of the Medical Student for the sake of old times.
  9. Tuesday.  Call at the Atlas Office, at Badean�s, and at the �Life� Of-
fice, where I saw Mearson and Donellan.   The Publication of the Porcupine delayed
till October, Andrews still in New York.    /    To Warren Butlers, where I
found, in company with him, a young engraver Brown, whom I saw at
work at W Roberts, on my first calling there, long time ago, when making
my first rounds. He gave me the address of his boarding house, with commen-
dations of the provant &c.	To the Bowery, and a Daguerrotypists, taking
the whim to get portrait taken.  Waited some time, then to Holts for dinner, 
then back with Mapother accompanying me.  There all the afternoon, as
divers others took precedence, being there before me.   Two women
among them, one rather pretty and vivacious, � boisterously so.    Very
quaint free and easy ways with her, sitting one knee thrown over t�other
and revealing pretty boot and prettier leg.  She was, for some time talking               
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