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Text for Page 009 [04-30-1856]

phant.   But let me be in time and I am as dextrous
in word-fence as any of them, and resentment at
the secret ill-nature dictating such repeated attacks
helps me to a knowledge of where there�s a row to 
be hit.         Well � to return to the Ornithorycus.
Bellew suggested a move to the club room.  I had
passed into the inner chamber on my way up-stairs,
when Eytinge, in reply to Bellews invitation said
something about �somebody who wasn�t a member having
no right to go up!  Thinking that I was aimed
at, and that a deliberate insult before others was
intended I turned back, and asked him what  
 business it was of his.     He alluded to W. W.
as it proved, and that being explained, I went
up.     Since that time we don�t speak.        That
subsequent evening was an agreablish one.     O�Brien,
Banks and one other were the only persons present
save Bellew and myself.      The �Club,� as I foresaw,
has pretty nearly fizzled out, there being fewer
droppers in on Saturday nights than on other occas-
ions.      The sure result of trying to put men in
harness, and have stated occasions for joviality.
  This evening there was no singing, no dreary pun-
ning, only quiet talk.                   A Sunday ramble
on Staten Island with Pounden (who tells me he
is secretly married.)        Health and spirits variable
as before; still keeping at my book.      Twice
as horribly depressed as ever, once being somewhat               
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