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Text for Page 010 [04-30-1856]

akin to the state experienced in 290 Broad-
way.           Making Indexes and correcting proofs
each day � for the �Humorous Poetry of the Eng-
lish language.�    Occasional visits to Parton and
�Fanny Fern,�    generally on Sunday or Thursday
evenings.       Forbes� book is out � he has presented
me with a copy.       Stone has called, being on a
visit from the Catskills.    Much as wont, lacking
however the velvet coat &c       He is going to get mar-
ried to a Catskiller, says his father is delighted
with it, and shewed me some drawings of moun-
tain scenery, indifferently well done.     He has orders
for the supply of such, and professes to earn his
living.     A decentish fellow but with very little viri-
lity.     Yewel and Arnold have their Broadway
studio still; but the former talks of travel.
Arnold does some drawing on wood for Strong.
Hillard has called on me.           Levison and Haney�s
�Nic-nax� out � a success.    Strong wrathy in
consequence.       Kelly calls.       Letters from Barth,
Waud &c.        He, the latter in communication
with the Jewells, who remove to Greene Street.
I have called there once.    On my first visit,
one of the daughters wanted Alf�s letter, which 
he had instructed me not to leave.     For that
reason, and another, I did �nt.        I had, in com-
pliance with his permission, run pencil through
certain high-flown, and what he terms �Rinaldo               
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