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Text for Page 013 [05-15-1856]

  My book is now in the Publishers hands.  Parton
took down the Table of Contents, reported a favorable
reception, and the next day they had half of it, I
retaining the rest for half a week�s over hauling. Through
Welden, (whom I met on Sunday night, after a
call on the Edwards�) I have learnt a bit of intelli-
gence which inclines me to expect Rejection from the
Masons.    Seymour is their �Reader.�  Perhaps the
only man in New York who would relish doing me
an ill-turn.   And my book actually contains a quiet 
quiz of him, in his capacity of musical critic to the
N. Y.  Times!                           I have sold some
drawings to Strong & done some for Levison.
Alf is a father, and exultant.   The child is a girl.
Mrs Jewell went on subsequently, and stayed a week.
I called at the Greene Street house during her ab-
sence, and since her return, hearing much of 
Alf � who also writes frequently, I responding punc-
tually.     Have written also to Damoreau, George
Bolton, Barth, and Dillon.           Have received and
written a letter to Hannah.  (God love her and let me
gain her, some day.)                                I have met
Walt Whitman at Partons, and he has called on
me, subsequently.  I like the man immensely, and
must put him in pen and ink hereafter.    My
brain is too troubled to do it, now.     Have written
a paper or so for �Life Illustrated.�   Had a
Staten Island ramble with Pounden on the last Sun-               
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