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Text for Page 014 [05-15-1856]

day of his (ostensible) bachelor-hood.      He has now
left; the boy Rawson preceded him in
departure by a fortnight, and the adjoining room
is empty.     I am very lonely.     Have to interchange
a word or so with W. W. with Sol, none.    Saw
Yewell and the Arnolds on Sunday last
  This portion of my life would have its interest,
could I put it down.  But it must remain
unwritten.      Oh lonely life, and troubled brain, 
when will you find rest? �� 
             x                     x                x               x
  This month has nearly spun past, un-noted.
Towards the close of the past one, the nervous at-
tacks reached such a crisis that I had to take
medical advice.    I described the disease in detail
to Barth, who suggested cupping and the use of a 
prescription which he did (not) enclose.    So one
miserable morning when I felt as though I should
topple down apoplectically in the street I got let
blood to a considerable extent after the manner ad-
vised.      The result may have been beneficial, certain-
ly was not hurtful, may have been neither.   Next
day, however I was almost hysterically nervous, and
in further pursuance of Barth�s advice went to one
Dixon, Editor of the �Scalpel�� a character in
his way.    The man is regarded as an Ishmaelite               
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