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Text for Page 139 [07-09-1850]

              in French, (evidently her native tongue) on the subject of my whiskers!
My turn coming, three successive portraits taken, none would do, so
have to call again next morning.
  10. Wednesday.   Again to Lewis� and after three more sittings one
that pleased me effected.   Then to the Atlas Office, then return.  After-
noon drawing for Phillips & Sampson�s book.  At night, going out met Tom
Scott at the door, and he accompanyied me to the Battery, where we encountered
two other Yankee boarders, with whom, after half an hour or so we returned back
to our barrack.	           This day heard of the last night�s death of Gen-
eral Taylor, � [words crossed out]  He was a brave and honest-hearted man,
and they�ll scarcely find a better to fill his place.   
[words crossed out].
  11. Thursday.  Finished the Sampsonian sketch, wrote letter, and sent
it off.    Got a letter from Jabez Wing, from which it seems that he was 
in Boston eight days, dating from the very day my letter was posted, and which
of course he didn�t get till his return to Fall River.  /	         After posting letter
strolled on to the Battery, hazy matagrabolized melancholy in mind; �revisi-
ted my Plymouth Rock, id est, Pier No 5.
  12. Friday.   Met Picton, who told me of another projected �Punch� periodical
he, New York-by-Gas-light Foster and others, projectors. 	To 177 Canal, where
I saw a Mrs Dobson, proprietess of the boarding house recommended by Brown.
To another boarding house in Chamber Street. Then to �Atlas� Office,  to En-
graver Bridges, to Bakers.   To the �Picayune� Office.   Then back.  In
the afternoon Butler and Brown call, with big mahogany block � for
the delineation of the poor Don of Cervantes thereon; � the which I em-               
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