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Text for Page 020 [06-30-1856]

  Mr Greatbatch has been here, on his way to Illi-
nois, there to purchase a farm.  I went to the 
City Hall with him, there to take up his naturali-
sation papers.       I have promised him a visit to
Philadelphia.                             I have letters from
home, Hannah, Boutcher and George Clarke.
Yewell is at Washington, and projects a voyage
to France, in company with Howland.    Arnold
boards in Greene Street, is hardish up, and does
what he can with pen and pencil.      I have some
conjunctive projects with him.     W W and Sol
Eyting have taken a room in Nassau Street, where
they work diurnally.         Sol and I are on speaking
terms again.            Visited Swinton at Staten Island
one Sunday in company with Banks.     He has a
neat little house not far from the Vander bilt ferry,
two children and a little wife.              Shepherd
is at New Rochelle, and sent me a bit of a let-
ter.      I have been working miscellaneously. Selling
a few drawings to Strong (at mean prices); others
to Levison and Haney, for �Nic nax,� getting out
a political caricature on stone &c, and some writing.
Haney has abandoned his attempt at Robinson
Crusoe-ing and now occupies the room opposite to
mine.        He is never at home, save during meal
hours, and looks unhealthy and townish.           I
have visited Pounden thrice, at his Brooklyn
home, an out o� the way place, up by Flat-bush               
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