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Text for Page 021 [06-30-1856]

Avenue.  Leslie, a tall, prosperous, opinion-
ated Scotchman accompanied my last visit.
  1 & 2.  Tuesday and Wednesday.   Subject
to my depression.    Working on a big lithographic
stone, and writing an article for Dixon�s �Scal-
pel� detailing my recent nervous experience.    Down
town twice, during the afternoon.            As usual
the afternoons are the most miserable, yet so far
improved that the horrible despondency is unaccompanied
by hysteria.
  3.  Thursday.    A letter from Mr Greatbatch,
Philadelphia.  He has purchased 80 acres of prairie
land in Illinois, (Sunbury, Livingston Co,
100 miles S. W of Chicago, and 24 from the town
of Ottawa.)    It is virgin soil � no improvements
on it.             Finished my �Scalpel� article, and
I think, my depression is lightening.       A letter from
Hannah.         To Nassau Street in the afternoon,
Bonar�s, the Picayune and Post Office, returning
with W. W. Sol, and Brown parting with the
latter two by the way, up town.          Evening to
Dixon�s and sat conversing with him for an hour
or so, accompanying him to Houston Street, where
I left him.         The customary gun-powder flatulence
and patriotic pyrotechnics in operation all over the city               
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