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Text for Page 023 [07-04-1856]

stoop, Levison operating as chief pyrotechnist, and
his wife, and others assisting.         I have thought
very unjustly of the couple.       To my room � oh,
so lonely at heart, and finished letter.
  5.   Saturday.      Post Office, Bonars, Picayune
Office, and much of the time in restaurant with
Haney, Bellew and Wurzbach, and anon, only
the two latter.      Uptownwards, meeting Baudoin.
By 5 to Brooklyn, per omnibus and car, to
visit Parton.       The house is a pleasant, handsome
one, situate behind Washington Park, from the
eminences of which you have a noble view of the
city of New York.     �Fanny� gave me a pleasant
welcome and showed me over the house, and
then Parton came in.       Some fellow in Philadelphia
has published a cookery book attaching Fanny Fern�s 
nomme de plume to it, and both Parton and his
wife were in a feeze about it.   Oliver Dyer goes
on to Philadelphia to-morrow with an injunction, they
have, to day, procured.          We supped in the front 
basement, with Fanny�s daughters, and a handsome but
silent young lady.         Then I walked to the Park
and hill with Parton, returning to the parlor, Fanny
and Dyer, who had arrived.    Stayed till 11 or
later, getting back to Bleecker Street past midnight.
   /      A letter from home this day.
  6.   Sunday.     A letter from Dillon.       He
tells of a month�s passion for a pretty young widow, which               
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