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Text for Page 024 [07-06-1856]

has given him a temporary heart twinge.     A mor-
ning in-doors, an afternoon stroll in solitary
fashion, an evening partially spent sitting on the
stoop conversing first with Mrs Potter, anon with
Sol, W. W and Haney.        The house has seem-
ed unusually quiet to day.    Levison, his wife and
daughter have migrated to Staten Island for
an indefinite summer visit.
  7.  Monday.    Called at Greene Street, Arnold�s
Picayune Office &c, and at 2 aboard the Camden &
Amboy boat for Philadelphia, taking the rail at Amboy.
The day a hot one, the road dusty.        Reached Philadel-
phia at about 5 1/2, got into an 11th Street stage, and
to the residence of Mr Greatbatch.      It is a corner
grocery with plain brick house attached. (He has adopted
his mother�s name of Bristol.)          Mary Anne was suf-
fering from diarrhea, and kept her bed.   The boys,
(who are grown into sturdy fellows), and their father
attend in the shop, which he is on the point of disposing
of, that the family may go west.
  {8  Tuesday to       Passed in odd, desultory, sombreish
  11  Friday}       fashion.   Mr Greatbatch very
closely occupied about the sale of his stock and fixtures,
the purchasers and others being present each day, and
the boys the same.    Mary Anne keeping her room,
and looking and talking singularly like my father.
Her indisposition comparatively over, but she very weak.
They have no servant-girl, Mr Greatbatch underta-               
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