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Text for Page 025 [07-11-1856]

king the cooking, and other domestic offices, and doing
everything in the quiet, uncomplaining way peculiar
to the man.        I marvel at his patience.               We �
he, the boys, and I � took our meals in a room at the
rear of the shop, the windows of which were darkened
by almost totally closed shutters, in order to exclude
the myriads of flies that flocked in towards the store.
Beyond this was a partitioned space, containing the
big cooking stove, and a small strip of yard with a
hydrant in it.              The upper portion of the house was
comparatively unfurnished, the room which I, noc
turnally occupied, in company with Fred, looking
very bare.          The routine of existence was as fol-
lows.     By 5 the boys were roused by their father,
to open the store &c.  Breakfast over they went to
weighing stock &c, Mr G being busy from morning
to night.       Representatives of purchaser and seller
valued the stock.                  I went abroad occasionally,
but saw little more of Philadelphia than during my
former visits six years ago.    It is a spacious, cleanly,
monotonous place, objectionably uniform in its street
physiognomy.    Brick sidewalks, houses of the same
material, with inevitable marble steps to them, trees
and a lavish use of water are its predominant character-
istics.       Franklin square is a handsome one, and
can boast a better acqueous display than any of the
like places in New York.        I like the squirrel
feature, too, in Independence Square.     Called at               
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