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Text for Page 027 [07-13-1856]

wardses.      The heads of the family out of town.
  14.  Monday.   Letter from Alf  to Mrs
Jewell, to whom I conveyed it seeing her, and two
married daughters.        Menelaus Brainard has
left his employment on the Hermann, presumably
to hunt up his wife.      Down town.  Bonars, Picayune
Post Office, Ross & Touseys &c. Back with big
lithographic stone.   Work till 6 1/2.      Writing till mid-
  15.  Tuesday.    Drawing on stone all day.  Called
on Arnold at night, and with him to Taylor�s hotel,
intending to find Howland, who, with Yewel is in
town.              Met Banks anon, and for a half
hour to the Ornithorycus.     He, Banks with a companion,
one Mitchell, an office chum.
  16.  Wednesday.  Drawing.    Visited Dixon
in the evening.
  17.  Thursday.   Took big stone to Bonars.
Return by way of St Johns Square.       After din-
ner to Brooklyn, and visited Parton.   Bay
unprecedently hot even for a N. Y. July.    An
half hour�s talk with Parton about our book, (which
was published on Monday.)    He proposed that after
the Masons thousand are sole, and our profits com-
mence, that we should share in the proportion of his
taking two thirds to my one.       He places his having
procured a publisher, his name &c (as author of
Greeley�s biography) and his labor on the book as               
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