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Text for Page 028 [07-17-1856]

entitling him to this larger renumeration.     This I
demur to, while allowing his claim to more than my
share.  (The proposition, indeed, somewhat surprised
me, though I had intended suggesting that he should
receive more than I.)       In fact his command of money
having enabled him to purchase books, he with scissors
in hand could produce more in bulk in a couple of
hours or so, than my pen, in copying at the Mercan-
tile in an equal number of weeks.   (Hence, I think, 
has arisen his idea that he has done more than I.)
And then, too, he may unconsciously rate my labour in time
with my poverty, being well aware of my experience of
�Hard Times.�     There are few men just enough to be
uninfluenced thus.          Had I a $20 per week berth
the thing would have been more equal all along.     Yet
let me do him justice.    He has worked more steadily
than I.        My labor was often lengthy and zealous,
but intermittent.                         He offers $200 for
my share, at once, stating that he supposes that
 $500 would be the utmost accruing to him (or
the proposed two thirds plan) in three or four years.
I said I�d take $250.                   Finally we postponed
decision.      Everything occurred in good temper, and
we then descended to supper in the basement.    Fanny
presided as wont, her daughters and the handsome
silent young lady being present.      She is a Miss
Jacobs, and �Fanny� had told me her story an hour
before.      Her mother has been a slave down south �               
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