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Text for Page 140 [07-12-1850]

              ploy myself forthwith all the evening, till late.   Told Brown to
tell his landlady that I should, with bag and baggage be there on Thurs-
day morn, next.
  13. Saturday.  Hard at work till 7 in the evening, when I
finished �Don Quixote.� 	Bit of a walk with Mr Hart, calling
on Doctor Laurie.
  14. Sunday.  To Church with Mr Hart, � sort of funeral sermon
on the death of General Taylor, but treated in a very common-place manner. (I
should like to have heard Chapin on it.)	After dinner, with Mr Hart,
Mapother, Laurie and others for a sail, in a boat partly owned by Laurie.
Up the river and coasting Hoboken.   Landed for a bathe, but didn�t.
Picking up oysters &c.   Return, wind blowing fresh, mast snapped,
and we, landing at the upper part of the city returned to Duane St on
  15. Monday.  Took the drawing to Butlers.     To Badeans.
Then over to Brooklyn, visiting and sketching the remains of the recent
fire, broiling sun above, and hot pitch below, little jets of flame issuing
from a volcano of brick-work, and clouds of smoke.    Back, and
at Butlers again.   Sherry-cobler at Sherwoods and [word crossed out] to dinner.
Call again at Butlers and Badeans in the afternoon.   Then in at Laurie�s
doctors shop, during a sudden shower.      In doors during the evening.
  16. Tuesday.   Making caricature.  Out in company with Mr Hart.
Call at Butlers, at the Atlas Office, and Badean�s. Then
to the Barge House, nigh to the Battery, and there till dinner time.               
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