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Text for Page 030 [07-19-1856]

  19.  Saturday.   Down town.  Bonars, the Pica-
yune Office; with lithographs to Ross and Tousey,
to Post Office &c.       Met Brightly momentarily.
He is in Leslie�s employ, and looks evil, as usual.
To Edwards in the evening.    Called at Mrs Jewells.
  20. Sunday. �Alton Locke� in Washington Square
Evening at Chapins.    Alone.
  {21  Monday to       Nervous attack again, which
  25.  Friday}       I had, too soon, fancied broken
up.   Mitigated however, though two or three days
were sufficiently wretched; the affliction being heigh-
tened by my lack of employment.   Trying
writing, mostly, and hard at it.         Ross &
Tousey have had their 500 lithographs.    A letter
from Alf Waud.   A watch kept on him and
his companion pursued, on a brief visit to Boston,
but, with baby & servant managed to retreat
un-tracked.              I called at Mrs Jewells one
evening during the week.        Yewell and How-
land have sailed for Liverpool, designing a
tramp through England, on their way to France.
Arnold & his uncle engaged in producing a
miserable little �Hail Columbia,� of Punch size
and championing Freemont.   I have applied
to the Times and Tribune authorities to get
admitted on the staff of reporters.  Got a very
friendly reception from Tuthill of the Times, who
gave me a job for the evening, and promised               
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