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Text for Page 031 [07-25-1856]

to have my claim in mind.   (I present myself
each day, at noon, in the Office.)   Welden
has received news of his wife�s death in London.
She had voyaged to Australia, came back to
England, and wrote him a letter when near her
decease, begging his pardon, blaming him &c �
which a brother of hers finished.                Dana,
(whom I met at a Political club), and visited
at the Tribune office next day, received me
very favorably, took address &c.               The
weather insufferably hot, the afternoons being
almost unendurable.                Had a talk with
Bellew about Banks, incidentally, from whence
it appears he has got the correct estimate of him.
One night with Haney & Sol to the Pica-
yune printing office.
  26.  Saturday.  Down town.  Picayune
Office, clothing store, Ross & Tousey�s.     Got
$20 payment, to Bonars to pay him, then
up-town.      After diner, by omnibus with W W
to the Battery, and there, debarkation for Staten
Island, with Levison & Haney, who joined us.
The excursion was at the invitation of the former.
Arrived at New Brighton, after cooling ourselves
awhile on the piazza of big boarding house by
the sea side, out with Mrs Levison and her
daughter in vehicle.  Haney drove, Levison sit-
ting beside him.   Waud, Mrs L, Ellen and I               
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