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Text for Page 032 [07-26-1856]

occupied the interior of the carriage.   We had a
very pleasant time of it driving about the green
lanes, and admiring the fine prospects, though the
roads were very dusty.       Returned to supper at
the boarding-house, and by 9, the three of us
Haney, W W, and I, back to New York by
boat.    A lovely night on the bay, stars above,
refreshing breeze blowing.
  27.  Sunday.    In doors till evening, the
day being furiously hot.     Calling at the Edwards�
at night, found the entire family on the house top,
sitting in a row on the ridge of the roof, the girls
singing hymns.     Partons mother there too.
  One of the girl�s had a voice resembling Hannah�s,
and it set me thinking � thinking �
  28.  Monday.  Down town.  Times, Picayune
Offices, Ross & Tousey &c.     Writing, hard at
it all the rest of the day, and evening.
  29.   Tuesday.  Writing all the morning.
Left article at Fowler & Wells, in afternoon, then
to Post Office.    Met Walt Whitman in Nassau
Street, and at my suggestion, to a Lager bier
cellar, where we found Welden, Strong and ano-
ther.      Talked awhile, till they left.       Anon we
followed, crossed to Brooklyn and had a swim
at Gray�s bath.                Writing at evening.
  30. Wednesday.  Writing and down town.
  31.   Thursday.   Ditto.   To a meeting of               
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