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Text for Page 033 [07-31-1856]

Dentists in the Evening, at the N. Y. University
Chapel, to report the same for the �Times.� To
the office with it, afterwards.
  1.  Friday.  Letter from Waud to Mrs Jewell.
Took it to her.     Down town.   To Partons in
the afternoon.    He not present till 9 or so.  A
pleasantish time, sitting at the threshold with the
family.      The girls, Grace (Fanny�s daughter)
and Louisa Jacobs form an exquisite contrast.
Grace with her fair, bright, light brown hair in long
curls, innocent and pleasant maiden face, heighth
and pink summer dress; and the other with her
lustrous silky black hair worn Madonna wise,
warm complexion and white dress presented quite
a picture.          We talked and played guessing proverbs.
  2. Saturday.   Down town.  Times, Picayune
Post Office &c &c.    Jewells in the evening.  Writing
during the day.
  3.  Sunday.   With Haney to Partons
in the afternoon.    Much as on Friday.    Haney
left at 8, I at 10.
  4.  Monday.  Writing, and down town in
the afternoon.
  5.   Tuesday.   In doors all day.   Continuous
but desirable rain.      W W up in my room               
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