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Text for Page 034 [08-05-1856]

half the morning.    He �down on� Sol to a certain
extent, and talks of returning to England.
  6. Wednesday.   Hurrying down Broadway
at noon with M S for the Picayune, I was
passing the St Nicholas, or near to it, when
I encountered two ladies, the face of one seeming
strangely familiar to me.  They had already gone
on.   Determined to be assured as to my sudden
recognition I darted across the street, hurried on
for half a block, re crossed and bore down full
upon them.     It was Lotty!
  She knew me in an instant. �Why Tom! ��
Gave me her address, and bade me call at 3,
and then went on her way to the theatre, (Wallacks,)
at which she has an engagement.            I went.
She is living with Alleyne, brother to Madame
Marguerittes, to whom she is married.   The ceremony
was, of course, illegal, being nothing more nor less than
bigamy, Whytal still surviving.   (Suspecting that
I doubted this, she told me details of place and
time, promising to produce the certificate.)    She
would be, she said, no man�s mistress, and hence
the marriage.         I learned, too, the particulars of
her last three years life, though confusedly.    Some
months subsequent to my last parting with her, she
gave birth to another child, the paternity, (she avers,)
resting with Whytal.       Her mother would not let
her enter her doors, in deference to Morse. The child subsequently died.  She               
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