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Text for Page 035 [08-06-1856]

was at Baltimore, Washington, New Orleans �
here and there, playing, and singing.    Madame
Marguerites she knew as instructress in singing.
Alleyne too, is a singer and actor.   He is 30, bald-headed,
an Englishman, has been a rou�, and (she�s says)
is passionately fond and jealous of her.      He �would
go to the devil, if she left him.�   They have lived
in Canada, and been poor enough at times.     She
doesn�t pretend to love him, but says she might
have starved, but for him.      Whytal is  out west,
of course not knowing of her second marriage.   Alleyne
at present has no engagement, and expects money from
England.         The house they reside in is a lodging
house, Jack Hardenbrock (now reporter to the Tribune)
being a lodger also.       Lotty keeps up communication
with her father, who has, also, married again.  She
also corresponds with her brother Will, but talks
denunciatory of her mother.                                Her face is
but little changed.      We talked for some two
hours or so in the parlor of the lodging house, not
without emotion, and I saw her to the Wallacks at 
7 �.       Alleyne was above, and, she reported, jealous
and angry at my visit.
  7.  Thursday.  Writing and drawing.    To
Franklin Street again, at 5, � the house is scarcely
a stone�s throw from Mrs K�s old Beach
Street residence � and another two hours talk with
Lotty.             Three years from the date of tomorrow               
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