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Text for Page 036 [08-07-1856]

since I parted from her, on that eventful night pre-
ceding my journey to the North & South.
  8.    Friday.  Down town.   Commissioned by
Armstrong of the �Times�, who assumes Tuthill�s
place during his holiday, to go to Staten Island
there to inquire about Yellow fever at Quarantine
&c.      Followed in the wake of little Edge, whom I
found in the Health Officers rooms.        About together
getting information, back by the last boat.  Rain storm,
thunder and lightning.     Fed at Goslings, then per
omnibus to my room by 8 1/2.      Writing out voluminous
report till 2 1/2.       Used up and ill.
  9.  Saturday.   Met Lotty as I was going down
Broadway.      To Times Office.  Saw Seymour.
Ross & Touseys where I met Frank Leslie, Strongs,
Picayune Office &c &c.    Hither and thither.  Met
  10.  Sunday.   Called at Franklin Street, as
requested, but Lotty was out with Alleyne.   In the
evening to the 8th avenue, some distance up town, where
I saw Lotty�s father for the first time.     A little
man, with something of his daughter in the face.
I stayed some twenty minutes, during which time he
talked.     A weakish, odd sort of man.   Didn�t re-
collect me.      Didn�t approve of his daughter being
on the stage, it wasn�t respectable.    Would have wished
her to live with him.  He was married, but there was
always a home for her.       Had made many endeavors               
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