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Text for Page 038 [08-10-1856]

afternoon, during his absence.     He was ashamed to
be living in that part of the city.         He had some
property and occasionally got a little money.    Mrs K
had lived with him as long as his fortune lasted.    This
with more, he communicated, and then I left.
  Looked in at Edwards�.  All the girls on the back
piazza,  father and mother out of town.   Haney
acting as Pater familias nocturnally.
  11.  Monday.  Down town as usual in the
morning.   Drawing and writing the rest of the day,
mostly the latter.        Sent letter to Alf Waud.
  12.  Tuesday .   Much as yesterday.  Writing.
Illish.       Allie Vernon called on Levison.   Saw
  13.  Wednesday.   Down town &c.   Called at
Masons.       Grosse, one of Barth�s Mackinaw
comrades visited me in the afternoon.    From him
I learnt that Barth is now at Warrington, Flo-
rida, having thrown up his Michigan practice in
order to get a $100 a month berth � which, on his
arrival the medical donor had given to his son.   So
Barth has set up in business there.   Grosse, who
is now free of the army says Barth was doing well
in Michigan, and acted injudiciously in throwing it
up there.        Stuber and wife are also in Florida,
indeed all the Gardiner family.         Creecy has run
away from his wife.        Henry the little Englishman
I once visited at Fort Hamilton, is dead of the               
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