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Text for Page 015 [08-07-1849]

              �Master I do smell an horse � ! at which my nose is
in great indignation!�		Calling in at Grove Street, found
Joe there.	George and I ventilating our boots in front of the
�American Hotel,� subsequently.
  8. Wednesday. Took Block No 1 to Childs. Also left my yesterday�s
�translation of the letter of Pius the 9th to Audinot� at the �Sun� Office.
Drawing in the afternoon.	Evening a gossip at the Schnieders, with him
and George.	Bitten by muisquitoes till my face resembles something bet-
wixt a cullender and a grand pit.
  9. Thursday. Drawing all day.		In the Evening with George and
Jo to the Battery, all three matagrabolized and very nearly wetted
through in returning.
  10. Friday.	Drawing.	A letter from Boutcher. (Heylyn to be in
New York in a week or so.)	Walk with George in the Evening.
  11. Saturday. To New York with Block 2. Childs� � Appleton�s. 
�Publishers� criticisms on drawing.	O children! children! ye who turn
over the leaves for �the pictures� in a fairy book so eagerly, your happy 
faces would be sadder did ye know all that the poor devil of an artist
has to endure! Verily I loathe my art when I am by it brought into 
contact with such farthing-splitting, chaffering, purse proud num-
skulls. A hearty damn on all publishers, past, present, and to 
come.	Bentley � Tallis � [word crossed out] � Appleton � bah ! �
skunk�s all and stink aloud. /		Returning to
Jersey, got my things transported per cart to York Street, the               
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