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Text for Page 141 [07-16-1850]

              Afternoon call again at Butlers and Badeans.    Latter never on hand.
I believe he�s a rascal. (Butler�s hard up, I think.)     Evening intensely
oppressive. Stroll out, and a gossip with Laurie, and subsequently a ramble to
Peck Ship. ( I�m sure Dickens got the name �Pecksniff� from this.) 
  17. Wednesday.  Packing up boxes and preparing for approaching migration till
the afternoon. Then a run to Wall Street.  Waited two good hours at Badean�s
in the expectation of catching him, though in vain.   Engraver Bridges not there.
At night, in celebration of my departure, extensive jug of �Punch and harmonizing,
in Mr Harts room. He, Mapother, Johns, Royal and son Frank, Joe and self.
Health �propoged� by Mr Johns, and drunk with vocal accompanyments.    Songs,
politic and national talk,  Mynheer Van Dunk, Dutch concert, Shiver and
Shakery, (Holt in his shirt tail at the door)  and wind up at 12.
  18. Thursday.  Last matin bath at Holts, then out, and to Sweeny�s in Chat-
ham Street into Wall. Got $10 piece changed at Post Office, then after await
ing shower of rain back to Duane.	 Getting boxes into the hall with the assistance
of Mapother, exertion and perspiration,  heating up stove and all sorts of porters work.
Down stairs, cashed up to the old woman, then out for carman.   Off to 177
Canal; getting things up into tolerably spacious rear room looking out in house-blocks
standing awry and trees.     Dinner, book fixing, resting, scribbling.   At
about 7 Brown arriveth, dresseth and cleareth out, being bound to visit a certain
lady who ere long will become Mrs Brown, so he saith.	/	Walked
to Clarkson Street and an hour and half at Mr Greatbatches; � very rainy night.
  19. Friday.  Writing all day, � to Boutcher, and Phillips &               
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