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Text for Page 039 [08-13-1856]

Yellow Fever.
  Apropos of this yellow fever I must not forget
to chronicle to furious rows I had with Levison,
about my visit to Quarantine.   That little 
quintessence of spy, Ellen, overheard it, and makes
a report to her father which frightened him half
out of his coward�s existence.    He talked about in-
fection, danger, contagion, God knows what.  Finally
I had to tell him he was the biggest coward God
ever made, when he sobered down a bit.       He,
wife and all are now off for Saratoga.         Scarcely
anybody in the house.
  14.  Thursday.     A letter from Boutcher.
Down town as wont; (with article for �Times.�)
Evening called on Allie Vernon at Forsyth Street
and found Haney there.   Allie has been ill.
  15.   Friday.  Fowler and Wells�, Times Office
and elsewhere all the morning.     Writing during
the afternoon.       Wrote to Hannah in the
  16.  Saturday.   To Post Office & calls.  After
noon to Brooklyn, per omnibus, ferry and rail car.
The family all out.          To Pounden�s, some fifteen
minutes walk.    His mother and wife within, and he
soon arrived from New York.     Stayed all the eve-
ning, and in consequence of rain storm accepted their
offer of a bed.
  17.  Sunday.    A long ramble with Pounden               
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