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Text for Page 040 [08-17-1856]

along the Brooklyn shores, opposite to Staten
Island, (quite a Hollandish-looking locality.)   Re-
turned to a cosy dinner at 3; and by 5 to
Partons.   Stayed there till 9 or 10.  A very
pleasant evening. �Fanny�, Grace and Miss
J accompanied Dyer and myself to Fort Green
on our departure, I walking with the former.
  Scarcely anybody at our Bleecker street, boarding
house, now.     I think I was its only male inmate
last night.     Sol and W Waud were out rusticating
temporarily,  Haney I know not where, the Scotch
man Leslie at Shrewsbury, and even the clergyman
Martin off somewhere.
  18.  Monday.   To �Courier� Office, for payment
for article which I took �em on Saturday, and
first became acquainted with its insertion, in consequence
of an allusion to it by �Fanny Fern� on Sunday.
Times Office &c     Nothing reportorial doing.    Return
and at my story scribbling as usual.
  19.  Tuesday.   Called in at Scoville�s house
Franklin Street.    He has removed the �State Regis-
ter Office� from Albany to New York, designing
to make an evening paper of it, advocating Fremont
for president (under the honorable idea that he will
�betray the North,�) and Greeley for governor of N.Y.
state.       (I learnt some of this from Tom Picton
whom I met yesterday talking with Gayler at Strong�s
door.     He wanted me to write for the paper.)               
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