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Text for Page 041 [08-19-1856]

I found Scoville in a back room, fitted up as an
office, and looking out on a bit of a garden.   The
two parlors of the house he had converted into a printing
office and filled with printers.  He talked on after
his usual rambling, boring egotistic manner, being occa-
sionally interrupted by men whose half defiant manner
outmatched the relation on which he stood to them.
Returned and writing.          A continuous and terrific
rainstorm all day and night.              Such an omni-
present swash of water, even as if that element
had risen in rebellion against the earth determined
on another Noah�s flood.
  20.  Wednesday.  Down town as wont.  Little
doing reportorial.     To Frank Leslie�s &c.    W Waud
goes off for Boston to night.        Sol Eytinge has
been for two days, at Long Island, (previously
borrowing $2 of me � for one day only.)       Writing.
  21.  Thursday.     A letter from my mother.
To Brooklyn in the afternoon, in accordance with
an express invitation from �Fanny� conveyed per
Haney.      The day was an uncertain one, promising
frowardness, but clearing up towards sunset.    The
purpose, a general visit to �Dan Rice�s� Circus,
which pitched by the road side at no great distance,
was soliciting the patronage of Brooklyn.   All the
family went, including the colored servants; also
a Mr Perkins (who�s attached to the �Life Illus-
trated.�) �squired Miss J.      An immense con-               
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