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Text for Page 042 [08-21-1856]

course of people.    Seats comparatively fragile, ranging
some dozen or more one above the other, more planks,
and a vacuum below.    Elephant performance, horse
performance, acrobatics and centaur performance.
Ate pea-nuts, looked on, got mightily hot, amused,
and had to dig my knees into people who objected to
my having legs.     Back to the house by 10, and
subsequently to New York.            I have sold my
share of the �Humorous Poetry &c� to Parton for
$225.          It�s worth more, but I want money.
  22. Friday.   Met Lotty.   She was una-
ware of one or two calls I made at her recent lod-
ging, and had not received a bit of a note I left
for her. (Alleyne had intercepted it.)    Said she
should write to me, and that he talked of going to
England on Monday.     I walked with her to the
theatre.         Down town, �Times� Office & elsewhere.
Left M.S. article at the �Dispatch� office, seeing
Burckhardt.    To the �Tribune� Office, and seeing
Dana, asked if �twould be worth while sending �em
a letter from the Catskills.      Answer �Do it!�
Writing steadily all the afternoon and evening.     I
this morning had a visit from Mrs Jewell and
her married daughter.   Their purpose was to shew 
me a letter writ by Alf Waud to old Jewell, which
proceeding originated thus.     Some �youth� knowing Alf,
and coming from Boston to New York, must needs call
on old Jewell and communicate to him the circum-               
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