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Text for Page 044 [08-23-1856]

He has, also, some outstanding squabble with Haney about
money � I suppose some loan business.       Is working for
Frank Leslie, when here, the office in Nassau Street
being apparently abandoned.  W. W. told me he owed
some $80 or so, ere his departure for Boston.   I ques-
tion if he won�t be back in New York, failing to make
$ enough to return to England.           After a home silence
of over six months he got a letter from his mother, inti-
mating severe sickness on the part of his father as the
re^|a|son for cessation of correspondence � if reason it can
be called.
  24.  Sunday.   In doors till evening doing chores
all the hot, quiet, day .   Called at Edwards at 10,
and learnt that the old gentleman, his son George
& wife intend joining the family at the Catskills
on Wednesday � which message I am deputed to de-
liver to them.
  25. Monday.  Up betimes, a hasty breakfast, and
then, with Haney through the cool, fresh morning
streets to the foot of Spring, where lay the Glen-
Cove, her presence being intimated by the performance
of the Calliope.   It is steam-music of recent Yankee
invention, consisting of a number of variously-sized pipes
closed by valves which are lifted by playing on keys, (like
a piano,) when the vapor emerging produces a time.
�Tis very loud, and, I should say, more agreable to
passengers on other boats than these in its immediate vicini-
ity.    It resembles a grave, yet blatant spasmodic organ               
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