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Text for Page 045 [08-25-1856]

in tune.     The performer know some six or eight tunes,
(some of them imperfectly,)  and played ever the most
rigorously as we approached any stopping place.      Up
the road, bright, beautiful Hudson again � king of
all rivers, � now in his richest summer glory.   A
lovely though nowise hot day.      Dined but indifferently
aboard.          Catskill landing by 2 1/2.       To the coach
office.   Stories of bridges being carried away by the
recent great freshet.     Fellow proposed to take us
to Palenville for $5 � if we�d wait his leisure. Had
resolved on taking the Mountain House Stage for the
major portion of the journey, to walk the rest when
Mallory, the other stage proprietor offered to put us
through for $1.50/100 (the usual fare to the Mountain
House.)      Heard of Stone being at the Mountain
House.            Off hurrying along the roads with those
grand blue mountain cones rising in the distance,
our driver being a youthful Catskiller with a re-
markable hairy meteor growing longitudinally from
beneath his right eye, like a misplaced moustache.
In truth the storm and freshet of last week had
done mischief as we found.     For there were
fences and trees blown down, crops covered with earth
and broken bridges.       We went through Madison,
and about some 15 miles, instead of the usual 
10.     Arrived at the Clove, sought for and found
the farm-house where all the Edwards� girls are
staying, but they were absent for the time being, on               
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