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Text for Page 048 [08-26-1856]

1 in front of a cascade near to the Dog Hole.
Subsequently, when the girls had left, I had a
bathe in the last mentioned place, but found the
water ice-cold.         Returned to Palenville by
5, to a chicken dinner, and old Falk.
  He knows Stone well,  as also little Shepherd,
who boarded at this tavern for some time.  Of the
Picturesque One he told many stories, not altogether
to his credit.        Stone got the keeper of the store
here to endorse a note for $ 100, and the man
had to pay the money.  This is noised about every-
where, and �tis said the girl he�s been wooing
at Catskill meditates rejecting him on this account.
Moreover Falk spake of an affair, a year or so ago,
at Bracketts, further up the Clove, in which Stone
appears as over intimate with a girl, with a
result which she �got rid of.�       This �Stun� as old
Falk calls him is in evil odor among Catskillers and
  27.  Wednesday.  Ascended the North Mountain
with all our company.   It lies in front of Falks
tavern, and he tells how a swift footed artist once
undertook to scale it in fifteen minutes � and suc-
ceeded.    This, seeing that it must be over 500 feet
in heighth, covered with trees and undergrowth, and in
some places perpendicular as a wall, I esteem something
of a feat.         We found it more congenial to make
the ascent by means of circuitous mountain paths, and               
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