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Text for Page 142 [07-19-1850]

              Sampson.  In the afternoon having completed the long letter to the former
was lying on the bed listening to the blustering wind and driving rain, when
Fred Greatbatch comes up with a letter � postmark �Tampa Florida� �
I open it � O world thy slippery times! � from William Barth!
Nigh upon five years sure as that memorable August afternoon I saw the last of 
his face leaning over the side of the Quebec off Greenwich.   And the Cimmerian
after-dark obscurity since � many and many an hour have I thought of him,
scarce thinking he lived, scarce that he was dead.	   He writes warmly and
pleasantly � but with little news. That he has been in the Mexican war,
that he is in Hospital Steward, on detached Service, and is doing well.  That
he got my address from his mother in England, and that he wrote once
before to me.	       Wrote to him, and lengthily.
  20. Saturday.   Completed letter to Barth.  Then to Holts, calling
on and seeing Mr Hart, Johns and Mapother.  Met Joe, � then to Putnams
for copies of �Mose� sent to me by Philadelphia Hart. ^|Then Post Office| Then 
Badean�s � then
Butlers, then back to Canal.  Dinner and read, and doze.   Evening
to Duane St. Out with Mr Hart and Mapother, but missing the
former we took a Battery ramble, and on Rabineau�s for an hour and
half.  Then returning found Mr Hart on Holt�s door step, with Martan.
There for some short time, then to Canal.
  21. Sunday.  To Duane Street, saw Mr Hart and Mapother off to
Church, then went on to Rabineau�s.   Read the current number of Household
Words, then walking back met Royal, and subsequently Joe.    To dinner.
Talso in the afternoon.     Evening walked to Clarkson Street, found Joe               
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