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Text for Page 049 [08-27-1856]

by dint of these, much scrambling through thickets and
occasional climbing over the faces of steep rocks, got to
the summit by 2 or so.              Looking sheer down into
the Clove below, the view was very beautiful, the
buildings looking like toy-houses, and only the brawling
of the streamlet heard.          How beautiful too, the
South or Blue Mountain rose opposite to us, all
clad in the richest verdure, with changing lights
and shadows moving athwart it.    To see it was to
be thankful for existence.             All to gathering whortle
berries for an hour and then descent.                A dance
and festivities at the farm house at night, the mu-
sic consisting of an irregularly shaped box with wires
and corks in�t, played upon with two little toppers, 
worked with some skill and much industry by Palenvillan.
     The ravine shows very grand and gloomy at night.
Innumerable stars overhead, the great mountain walls
on either side, the rush and roar of the waters down
the little Dog Hole, and the clamor of crickets.
(A good spot to bring a murderer through, in a story,
immediately after the deed, at midnight.)
  I want thrice the leisure I have to secure the idlings
of this pleasant week.
  28.  Thursday.   Messrs Edwards Senior and
Junior not shewing up, we defer our excursion to the
Falls proper, and all ascend the South Mountains,
under convoy of a Mr Bonesall, who dwells in the farm
house where the girls lodge, and is Mrs Williston�s               
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