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Text for Page 050 [08-28-1856]

brother.     This gentleman did especially distinguish him-
self in the performance of jigs and horn-pipes last
night.         The day was a little overclouded, and promis-
ed rain, with some slight performance presently.   For
three fourths of the ascent, this mountain was more
easily scaled than its neighbor; and having gained
that elevation we pic-nicked on a big flat rock com-
manding a good view; subsequently making a sort of tent
with leaves and branches to shield the girls from a pas-
sing shaver.      That over, on again, through the densest
of thickets.     Here Haney, Jack Edwards and I
presently left all the rest behind, in our intention
to reach the summit.    Trees, trees � everywhere trees.
The soil so rich in decaying vegetable matter that we
went plunging through it mid leg deep, often.  Great
trunks only retaining the form, giving way to
the footstep.   Up and over rocks, through brakes, bush
es and brambles, ever upwards.  Excelsior!
  The extreme silence of these woods is remarkable,
and almost oppressive.   No chirp of bird or sharp
chatter of squirrel.      Only the soughing of wind in the
branches, and the cracking of dried sticks as you
go plunging through them.     When we reached the
top, and each climbed lofty skeleton trees, to obtain
a view over the surrounding verdure � just the spot
for the treasure discovery in Poe�s �Gold Bug� � I could
well imagine the horror of being lost in the trackless
forest ��.                    Descended the bed of a mountain               
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