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Text for Page 053 [08-29-1856]

mentioned take supper with us, and we were in the
midst of it when tidings came that Mr Edwards
had arrived.        We saw him anon, and were at
the farm-house in the evening.
  30.  Saturday.  Up early, and off for return
to New York, Old Falk driving us to Catskill.
Here we got gratis tickets for the river passage, there
being rival boats, and the touters bidding against one
another, till the Glen Cove �agent� to spite those of the
�Armenia� gave us tickets.        A lovely day.    New York
by 3.             Haney to the Picayune Office, I to Bleecker
Street.             Doing chores, bathing &c.    Called on Mrs
Jewell in the evening.
  31.  Sunday.  Out down town for a walk.  Met
Banks.   He is depressed and slightly self depreciatory
about his book �Lobscouse.�   Having got in completely
stereotyped at a cost of $400 he finds great dif-
faculty in prevailing on any publisher to get it out,
at all � one firm, only, offering to produce it � if
he�ll wait till next January.      But they�ll only
give him the ten per cent customarily paid when the
publishers of a book do the stereotyping!     Wherefore
Banks is in the doldrums.        He says he�s greatly dis-
satisfied with it, now its done. �Not but that there
are five or six things in it which only one or two men
living could beat� � instancing the most trashy thing
in the book.        (He [word crossed out] once bored me with it.  A
long, long irregular rhyming) business about Smith and               
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