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Text for Page 054 [08-31-1856]

Jones, after death, in the presence of the Almighty.
One is ordered to �Stand forth, John Jones� and they
�cast glances of deadly hate� at each other, with a world
more of horrible bosh and unconscious burlesque.    This
Banks declares �the finest piece� in the book.)  Not-
withstanding this state of things he�s going to get another
book if his writing stereotyped after the same way,
immolating all his $ thus.             Happily, by so doing
he will be incapacitated for carrying out a project of
his � that of paying a visit to England for the pur-
pose of kidnapping an illegitimate little girl, a daughter
of his � whose Grandmother �wouldn�t let him have her
at any price.�         This, he declares, he will do, and
vaguely expects his new book will bring him fame and
fortune.                                         Walking out at coming
I met Watson the engraver.                A long, thin, black-
haired, evil faced, vulturous looking scoundrel.       He
as wont, talked of his projects and of Allie Vernon.
Going into Wolf�s Lager Bier cellar we sat at a
table adjacent to where were Sol Eytinge and Wood.
Presently Watson produced a doze or more letters,
which he had received in consequence of his having re-
plied to one of the un-equivocal Herald advertisements
wherein �young widow ladies� want $50.    He had had
assignations with these correspondents and talked for
half an hour or more of them.              The man is married,
but, I believe, spends two thirds of his time in hunting
carrion flesh.                  Sol hates him, and declares               
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