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Text for Page 055 [08-31-1856]

Allie Vernon is belied by him � that Watson never
had intimacy with her.          It might be so, and
I think the poor girl has had a hard time of it;
but I wouldn�t wager a bad cent on the chastity
of a woman who has been divorced from her first
husband, has flirted and been familiar with the
hangers on of the low-weekly newspapers, and finally
married (illegally) a man whom she don�t affect to
like or esteem.              I first saw Allie in the �Pica
yune� and �Lantern� offices, Josey generally accom-
panying her.      Then I thought her rather a free and
easy, dressy, superficial, not bad sort of a girl, fami-
liar enough, and accessible enough.      She used to flirt
with the donkey Price and, I think Bunnell didn�t
like it.          Then she got intimate with Watson.  I�d
notice them hanging about the entry.    Powell�s sneaky
boy used to make up to her, and once accompanied
her to the Museum.        Brougham�s (nominal) wife
was jealous of her, in consequence of old Powell�s
gabbling.           Once I saw her up in Watson�s
Broadway office, with other girls, when he was en-
gaged in manufacturing valentines.  (This business
I believe he entered upon for no other reason than
for its carnal facilities.)        At this time, he says,
he kept her as his mistress.              I know she dis-
appeared awhile, only old Alcock knowing here ad-
dress � if indeed he knew.     This might have been to
keep out of Watson�s way.            She and Josey ap-               
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