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Text for Page 056 [08-31-1856]

peared in full feather during Glover and Levison�s
possession of the Picayune.    Josey was showily pretty,
dressed very flashy, and was an immense fool.      She
was sillily fond of Glover, would say �she�d like to
have a little Thad� �(his name was Thaddeus,) and
if Hinckley the printer is to be credited, they could
scarcely have been more intimate.    He came up into
the sanctum one night and found ����              Allie
maintained her sister, I believe.       She used to try
little fascinations of on Haney � perhaps by way of
inducing him to take her articles.   He used to
be curt and rile up at Glover�s filling the place with
such company.        She has been very foolish � if no
worse.                 Sol and Haney have visited her of
late, and are, I believe convinced of her being a very
ill used person, or else they ���
  Edifying details, all these!
  1.  Monday.   To the office of Frank Leslie,
anent a proposition of his that I should go to Kan-
sas for a month or more, there to make sketches of
all the notable scenes incidental to the present �war.�
Asked him $25 per week, with all expenses, which he
agreed to.     To the Tribune Office and saw Dana.
He predicts a rope or bullet as the sure result of my
attempt to enter Kansas.      To the Dispatch Office.  Saw
Williamson who has just returned from Nebraska.               
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