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Text for Page 143 [07-21-1850]

              there.	   A dock side walk with him, his father and the boys.
  22. Monday.   Drawing �boss� Caricature all the morning and afternoon.
After supper went to Duane Street, (meeting Engraver Ritchie, formerly in the em-
ploy of Childs�, by the way.)       In company with Johns and Mapother for
an hour or so, Mr Hart and Richardson going out.     Back to Canal, and
found letter�s from my Mother and Naomi, the which Joe had left.   More 
indirect news of Barth�s campaigning.
  23. Tuesday.  To the Atlas Office with sketch.  Southworth not there, saw
Ropes.  To 64 John, and Richhie�s, and with him to Appletons, (hearing that
work was in hand determined to pocket dignity for the nonce.)   But the re-
solve was uncalled for, as they had found a draughtsman.    To the �Picayune�
Office and to Strongs.   Then passing down Ann Street met Mattice, one of the
proprietors of the �Life in New York�, the Office whereof they were remaining. Turned
in there with him, talk of writing for payment for his paper.   Called in
on Boyd, Engraver and Artist(!), talk with him. 	Then returning (,in
Fulton met Scotch Hunter.) 	   Dinner, and half an hour subsequently Mr Johns
calleth. He hath had a great row with the Sniffling Termagant, been
vilified as a swindler, and hath quitted. Expecteth money from England (to
morrow � as he hath expected it for some five weeks of tomorrows � to my
knowledge.)   Designeth going into his clerical friend at Flushing, lacking 
only the money wherewith to do it.    Lent him a quarter for that purpose, and
no more.	Out to see the procession in Honor of Taylor�s death � stores
closed, house parts decorated with crape &c, dense through, and Broadway
full of Militia companys. 	Met Andrews � (in a place: � the               
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