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Text for Page 059 [09-06-1856]

had expected to have started for Kansas on Satur-
day, or Monday, but �bloody news� has delayed
my journey.      There�s been a �battle�, sundry murders
and scalpings, and two men have been killed in mistake
for Tribune Correspondents.                   I regret my
departure the less, that it will afford me an oppor-
tunity of getting the �Physiology of N. Y. Boarding-
Houses� under way.     On Saturday I had an interview
with Lowell Mason.        He proposes to spend $200
for illustrations on the outset, increasing the sum to
$400, provided that amount of cuts be ventured
by engraver &c, � in view of the circulation of the
book attaining 5000.              This I have communicat-
ed to Alf Waud, for Andrew�s consideration.
  7. Sunday.        To Brooklyn in the afternoon,
(going first by mistake to Williamsburg.)   Tea at
Parton�s.       All the family present including Miss
Louisa Jacobs and Dyer.           The last bye the bye
absented himself from the company, except during the
meal, being engaged in writing.   It was understood
that he was concocting a speech, to distinguish himself
in some local political meeting.       Parton is about
resigning his employment on �Life Illustrated�, to de-
vote himself, exclusively to the Biography of Aaron
Burr � a long meditated task.              After supper
we took a walk, myself squiring Grace and Miss
Louisa.      A capital, pleasant, frank girl is Grace;
possessing withal a smack of her mother, in her liking               
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